Zero-Emission Freight and Marine Projects


Up to $34 million is available to eligible projects statewide through a first-come first-served solicitation.

The application deadline has been extended until March 22, 2022, or until all funds are awarded, whichever is sooner.

An additional $35 million is expected to be available by mid-2022.

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Application Resources and References

Pre-Solicitation Webinar (5/18/2021)

  1. Program Overview
  2. Reasons to Apply
  3. Funding and Eligibility
  4. Funding and Eligibility Examples

Eligibility and Key Requirements

The following is a list of eligibility and key program requirements. A complete description of the eligibility requirements, application instructions, evaluation criteria, and other requirements are included in the Guidance document located in the “Resources” section below.

Public agencies and private businesses are eligible to participate in this program.

Eligible projects include:

Key project requirements include:


Required Supporting Documentation

The following is a partial list of key supporting documentation needed for completing an application. A complete list of all information required to complete the application is included in the Guidance document.

For All Projects:

  • Documentation of general and property liability insurance;
  • Documentation demonstrating compliance with CARB regulations applicable to all equipment owned by the applicant;
  • Itemized quotes/costs for all proposed new equipment and infrastructure; and
  • Applicant W-9

Additionally, for Scrap and Replace/Repower Projects:

  • Photos of existing equipment with engine tag(s);
  • Usage records with hour meter readings for twelve (12) consecutive months from 2019 or later;
  • CARB Executive Order(s) for the existing engine(s); and
  • CARB Executive Order(s) or approval letter for the new engines.

Additionally, for Shore Power Projects:

  • Photos and an aerial map of the pier, harbor, or area where shore power system will be installed;
  • Ownership records showing ownership or guaranteed use of land;
  • Berth activity information for twelve (12) consecutive months from
    2019 or later; and
  • Estimated Timeline.


If you have questions about the solicitation, or need assistance using the online grants management system, please email us at [email protected] or call us at 1-844-9VW-FUND. 

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