Zero-Emission Freight and Marine Projects

Solicitation  is  scheduled to open on May 25, 2021.

Up to $34 million is available to eligible projects statewide through a first-come first-served solicitation.

An additional $35 million is expected to be available by mid-2022.

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Solicitation Guidance

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Grants Management Portal

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Eligibility and Key Requirements

The following is a list of eligibility and key program requirements. A complete description of the eligibility requirements, application instructions, evaluation criteria, and other requirements are included in the Guidance document located in the “Resources” section below.

Public agencies and private businesses are eligible to participate in this program.

Eligible projects include:

Key project requirements include:

Required Supporting Documentation

The following is a partial list of key supporting documentation needed for completing an application. A complete list of all information required to complete the application is included in the Guidance document.

For All Projects:

Additionally, for Scrap and Replace/Repower Projects

Additionally, for Shore Power Projects

Pre-Solicitation Webinar 

On Tuesday, May 18, 2021, from 10:00 to 11:00 AM (Pacific Standard Time), a pre-solicitation webinar will be held for the Volkswagen (VW) Environmental Mitigation Trust Zero-Emission Freight and Marine Program. Please join us to learn and ask questions about and provide feedback on the updated program requirements.

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The webinars will cover the program requirements, applicant eligibility, project eligibility, and the application process that will be included in the draft Guidance document. Questions may be answered during or after the webinars.

Recordings of the webinars will be posted in the “Resources” section for on-demand viewing.

Application Q&A Webinar 

On Thursday, June 3, 2021, a webinar will be held to address questions regarding the program requirements, applicant eligibility, project eligibility, the application process, and how to use the online application system.

Register for the Webinar

Recordings of the webinars will be posted in the “Resources” section for on-demand viewing.


Resources for solicitation opening May 25, 2021:

Resources for prior solicitation (closed August 31, 2020):

If you have questions about the solicitation, or need assistance using the online grants management system, please email us at or call us at 1-844-9VW-FUND. 

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