Light-Duty Zero-Emission Infrastructure, Electric

Light Duty Zero-Emission Infrastructure, Electric

The Volkswagen Light Duty Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Program, a statewide program funding electric vehicle infrastructure, is scheduled to open mid-May. $5 million in Volkswagen Environmental Mitigation Trust funding will be available to purchase and install new charging stations for battery electric vehicles while:

· Directing a minimum of 50% of funds to disadvantaged and low-income communities; and

· Expanding EV charging access state-wide and closing geographic gaps in coverage.


The pre-solicitation webinars have concluded. Please stay tuned for future webinars once the solicitation opens.

Eligibility Criteria and Award limits

Funding will be awarded via a competitive solicitation. Table 1 below provides information on funding caps, which are based on whether stations are publicly accessible and whether they are installed at a property that is government- or privately-

owned. For stations that are not publicly accessible, only stations that are installed at workplaces and multi-unit dwellings are eligible.

Table 1: Eligible applicants and award limits

Are stations publicly accessible? Property Type Maximum Funding
                          No Workplaces and Multi-Unit Dwellings Up to 60% of eligible costs
                         Yes Government-owned properties Up to 100% of eligible costs
Privately owned properties, including non-profits Up to 80% of eligible costs

For more details on eligibility, please see the draft guidance.

Additional requirements and scoring criteria will be announced with the release of the solicitation package, available during the second quarter of 2021.


Draft Guidance Release and Feedback period: December 23, 2020 – January 28th, 2021

Solicitation Opens:  Mid-May

Solicitation Closes:  Mid-July


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